MiSeq FGx Preventative Maintenance

Product Care MiSeq FGx Preventative Maintenance

Verogen recommends performing a Preventative Maintenance on the MiSeq FGx every 6-12 months. Verogen’s comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Service includes:

  • Pump Syringe Replacement
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Inspection of all Instrument components
  • Tests to ensure Optical and Fluidic components are within spec
  • Verification Run using controlled samples and MiSeq FGx Sequencing Reagents

Preventative Maintenance is included with Silver and Gold Service Contracts. If MiSeq FGx is not under Silver or Gold contract, Preventative Maintenance can be provided for a small fee. Contact your local Verogen representative for service contract and billable services quotes.

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