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Preventative Maintenance

Verogen recommends periodic Preventative Maintenance on the MiSeq FGx System to maximize system performance and minimize unplanned issues. Even if your instrument is performing as expected, periodic Preventative Maintenance reduces the possibility of future failure. Verogen recommends a Preventative Maintenance every 6–12 months.

Proactive Parts Replacement

During each Preventative Maintenance, a Verogen Field Service Engineer replaces the MiSeq FGx pump syringe and air filter to prevent potential issues with system fluidics and air exchange.

Complete Component Inspection

All instrument components are inspected. The Verogen Field Service Engineer completes optical and fluidics tests and makes necessary adjustments to ensure that each component of the system is within operating specification and functioning at peak efficiency.

Verification of System Performance

Each Preventative Maintenance includes the completion of a verification run using PhiX DNA and MiSeq FGx reagents. Results from the verification run confirm data quality and ensure confidence in instrument performance.

Included with MiSeq FGx Extended Support Plan PLUS

Preventative Maintenance is included with a MiSeq FGx Extended Support Plan PLUS. If the instrument is not covered by a MiSeq FGx Extended Support Plan PLUS, you can order a Preventative Maintenance separately. Parts and labor for repairs indicated by the Preventative Maintenance are billed separately.


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