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Verogen strives to provide solutions that help you prepare for implementation of next-generation sequencing technology with confidence. We understand the rigorous requirements and time-sensitive nature of forensic operations, and the importance of completing data analysis and generating final reports that meet or exceed quality assurance guidelines.

We have carefully prepared an optimized MiSeq FGx System validation plan that suits casework laboratory needs and accelerate the path to next-generation sequencing. This comprehensive plan validates each workflow component to confirm operation and performance in accordance with casework needs. The validation includes studies designed according to guidelines provided by the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM).

Accelerated Learning Curve

Get your laboratory up and running quickly with expert guidance and advice through the validation process with learnings at every step.

Tailored Offerings

Multiple options flex to meet the unique needs of your laboratory, from predesigned plans for self-starters to plans that offer comprehensive and hands-on support.

Audit-Ready Report

Validation data analysis and internal reports adhere to international quality assurance guidelines, so you can prepare for implementation and audits with utmost confidence.

Validation Service Offerings

Planned — A practical self-service option

Verogen provides a roadmap and reagents to complete your own validation, eliminating the need to plan where to begin and how to proceed. Instead, you can focus on gaining familiarity and expertise through hands-on validation.

Assisted — Hands-on experience with Verogen support

You perform the pre-planned studies and Verogen experts assist with final data analysis and reporting. With the support of expert guidance and advice throughout the process, you efficiently master next-generation sequencing technology.

Full — White-glove service from Verogen

Verogen experts plan, perform, and complete the studies, analysis, and reporting, allowing you to focus on daily casework. Upon conclusion, Verogen provides training to ensure your in-depth understanding of the validation report and protocols in preparation for audit and implementation.

Validation Workflows

Each validation service offering addresses one workflow. Choose the workflow suited to your laboratory needs:

  • ForenSeq MainstAY Workflow – Validate a gDNA workflow designed to generate profiles of 27 autosomal STR and 25 Y-STR markers compatible with regional database requirements for routine casework.
  • ForenSeq DNA Signature Workflow—Validate a gDNA workflow designed to evaluate up to 230 STRs and SNPs, which eliminates the need to prioritize one analysis type over another and reduces iterative testing.
  • ForenSeq mtDNA Control Region Workflow – Validate a workflow designed to evaluate the highly mutated control region of the mtDNA maximizing variant detection in challenging forensic samples.
  • ForenSeq mtDNA Whole Genome Workflow—Validate a workflow designed to evaluate the entire mitochondrial genome, which expands options for challenging samples and population studies.


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