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Relocation & Qualification


Verogen Relocation Services help you move your MiSeq FGx System down the hall or across the country. Verogen works with accredited third-party shipping companies to make sure that your relocation is successful.

Securely and safely move your instrument

Trained professionals use a White Glove Service to package, transport, deliver, and uncrate the MiSeq FGx System, and then inspect the instrument to ensure a damage-free delivery.

Customized to meet your needs

Verogen works with you directly to ensure that your lab is prepared to receive the equipment, taking note of any special instructions to ensure a smooth delivery process.

Peace of mind

Dedicated Verogen Field Service Engineers inspect the MiSeq FGx System before and after shipment, and perform a complete installation and system verification to ensure that instrument is fully operational after relocation.


Verogen Qualification Services help ensure laboratory compliance with well-documented qualification protocols. With understanding of forensics regulatory requirements, Verogen provides tested qualification protocols to confirm that each functional component and system metric meets the highest operational and performance specification. Qualification Services include Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ).

Quality Assurance

Gain confidence in run data quality knowing that the MiSeq FGx System passes all qualification tests and performs within specifications.

Documentation Highlights Instrument Installation, Operation, and Performance

Pass audit inspections and be prepared with the necessary detailed documentation to satisfy reviews and show that the MiSeq FGx System meets system specifications and quality standards.

Performance Qualification Specific for Forensic Applications

Verogen Performance Qualification provides comparative quality metrics for run data. The Performance Qualification employs a PhiX run that uses the maximum number of cycles to produce the longer read length required for analyzing forensic samples. [table id=14 /]


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