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August 29, 2019

Advances in Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

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Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis can play a valuable role in resolving challenging forensic cases. However, traditional mtDNA analysis using Sanger sequencing requires laborious workflows, dedicated assay development, and a specialized analysis pipeline—a prohibitive set of requirements for many labs. Next generation sequencing (NGS) offers great promise for more comprehensive and efficient analysis, but previous solutions have lacked the integration, ease-of-use and scalability required to enable widespread adoption.

Watch this recorded webinar to learn about recent advances in mtDNA genome knowledge and how they have been incorporated into the ForenSeq™ mtDNA Solution—the first fully integrated, sample-to-answer NGS system for mitochondrial analysis. Experts from Sam Houston State University will share data from their in-depth evaluation of this system, including results from challenging samples that failed with other methods.


Bobby LaRue, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Sam Houston State University

John Walsh

Head of Technical Marketing/Product Manager Verogen