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Verogen Announces Availability of the ForenSeq Imagen Workflow

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Fully-validated appearance and biogeographical ancestry estimation tools enable high-quality lead generation

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (08/25/2022) — Verogen Inc., a global leader in human identification and DNA-biometrics, today announced commercial availability of the ForenSeq Imagen workflow, a fully-validated solution for estimating appearance and biogeographical ancestry for crime-scene samples. Comprised of the ForenSeq Imagen Kit, purpose-built software, and validated on the MiSeq FGx Sequencing System, this molecular genetic toolset can help focus investigations effectively using DNA-based intelligence.

Appearance and ancestry estimations are powerful tools for generating investigative leads. ForenSeq Imagen uses single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that have been established by the leading laboratories in the forensic community for estimating phenotypic traits. An additional option to estimate biogeographical ancestry where regional regulation permits is included in the kit. Preconfigured reports from the ForenSeq Imagen Analysis Module are designed to be interoperable with established third-party software tools. This workflow empowers the forensic community with cost-effective options for investigative lead generation using the power of next-generation sequencing.

“High quality lead generation is critical to resolving cases, but the bespoke and piecemeal nature of current DNA-based workflows have limited the adoption of this powerful tool into forensic practice,” said Brett Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Verogen. “We have leveraged community-approved content and built the ForenSeq Imagen workflow as an integrated and validated solution. This allows operational forensic laboratories to confidently adopt this DNA-based workflow and support their law enforcement partners in accredited laboratory settings, without having to risk chain of custody. The modular options for estimating biogeographical ancestry supports compliance with regulatory requirements for different countries. Verogen is committed to extending the abilities of the ForenSeq Imagen workflow with the aim of driving a step change in the pace and efficiency of lead generation tools.”

The ForenSeq Imagen Kit and the ForenSeq Imagen Analysis Module in Universal Analysis Software are now available for purchase. For more information, visit

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Swathi A. Kumar
Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management