Verogen MiSeq FGx and ForenSeq Software Training

Verogen offers a training services for library prep kit protocols, MiSeq FGx instrumentation, and ForenSeq Software Analysis

Verogen Training Services

The purchase of the MiSeq FGx includes on-site training and support by Verogen’s Field Application Scientist team. In addition to basic training, Verogen offers advanced training services to meet your laboratory’s unique needs. Some of these additional services may include:

  • Training additional personnel or new staff
  • Hands-on library prep protocol
  • Advanced data analysis review
  • Troubleshooting and best practices

Our goal is to ensure your staff feels confident running ForenSeq protocols, operating the MiSeq FGx instrument, and analyzing ForenSeq data. Contact us at for more information about Verogen’s training services.

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