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ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software


ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software (UAS) provides a next-generation sequencing (NGS) platform for analyzing and managing forensic genomic data, simplifying complex bioinformatics. Offering two applications, one for mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) workflows and one for DNA Signature workflows, ForenSeq UAS rapidly generates FASTQ files, performs alignment, and calls variants from NGS data. Extensive testing backs highly reliable variant calls to deliver accurate results in a user-friendly package with zero per-seat licenses.

Designed specifically for forensic analysts, ForenSeq UAS recovers the maximum amount of information from challenging samples and complex mixtures with base-by-base sequence resolution. Laboratories can focus on routine casework or leverage population statistics, phenotypic estimation, dynamic filters, and more to explore all possibilities for human identification. Flexible analysis methods can analyze mtDNA data from home-brew and third-party libraries sequenced on the MiSeq FGx Sequencing System.

NDSI Approved

Accessible Solution

A secure interface with the MiSeq FGx System automates post-sequencing data analysis and minimizes hands-on time. Results are viewable through a web browser, with the convenience of accessing the software online or off. Review a summarized version of data or switch to a more in-depth view. Reports are easy to generate and use database friendly file formats.

Dynamic Toolset

A comprehensive suite of intuitive, interactive tools facilitates sample management, run setup, data visualization, and reporting. From real-time run monitoring to sample comparisons and intensity plots, ForenSeq UAS features help laboratories make decisions and act on analytic insights. Color-coded quality indicators highlight run performance for at a-glance status.

In-House Capability

Providing access to powerful computing without the infrastructure burden, ForenSeq UAS ships preinstalled on a dedicated server. Version-controlled releases continuously expand and improve the platform to accommodate new applications and keep pace with evolving nomenclature conventions. Opt in or out of upgrades as desired for maximum flexibility and control.

Key Applications

 ForenSeq UAS v1.3ForenSeq UAS v2.0
(DNA Signature Workflow)(mtDNA Workflow)
STR and SNP analysis✓​
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis✓​
Real-time run monitoring✓​
Sample comparisonUp to threeUp to nine
Data portability✓​


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