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GEDmatch partners with Genetic Affairs to offer new tools for users

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (April 7, 2021) – Consumer genealogy site GEDmatch today announced the release of three new tools that will enhance the experience for its 1.1 million users. The tools – Autocluster, Autopedigree and Autotree – were developed by EJ Blom of Genetic Affairs.

GEDmatch allows users to upload their direct-to-consumer DNA profile information from over 20 different providers. This approach, which is unique in the genetic genealogy community, allows users to maximize the number of possible relative matches. Finding DNA matches is the first step in finding genetic relatives. The new tools will allow the user to begin the process of converting DNA match data to information and, ultimately, knowledge about a person’s relationships and family tree connections.

“We are excited to add these cutting-edge tools that will help our users begin to make meaningful connections based on the information they obtain from GEDmatch,” said Brett Williams, CEO of GEDmatch parent company Verogen.

Here’s how the new tools work:

Autocluster tool:  Allows users to group DNA matches of people who have a common ancestor and likely belong to the same branch of the family tree.

Autotree tool: Takes the information from the Autocluster tool and identifies common ancestors and reconstructs genealogical trees based on information from the Autocluster tool.

Autopedigree tool: Complements the Autocluster and Autotree tools by allowing the user to develop family tree predictions. This can be useful for understanding how a person (for example, an adoptee) would fit into a reconstructed family tree.

“I am excited to have contributed our clustering and ancestor tree-building services to the GEDmatch database,” said Dr. Evert-Jan Blom, owner of Genetic Affairs. “Together, these tools will serve genetic genealogists to help unravel their mysteries.”

The new tools are available now at for Tier 1 subscribers who pay a low monthly fee. The majority of tools on GEDmatch remain free.

“When we took the helm at GEDmatch, we promised our customers that we would improve upon the already helpful tools available on the site. The introduction of the Genetic Affairs suite of tools is a big first step in enhancing our service for users,” Williams said.

About GEDmatch
GEDmatch is a consumer genetic genealogy site that allows users to upload DNA profiles obtained from other services in order to find more potential familial matches. The service, founded in 2010 and acquired by Verogen Inc. in 2019, has 1.1 million users and 1.5 million profiles.

About Verogen
Verogen is a dedicated developer of human identification products for sequencing and analysis of forensic genomic samples. Working closely with the forensic community, Verogen places exceptional value on flexible, scalable solutions that deliver reliable results.

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