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A message to Verogen customers about the GEDmatch partnership

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We are pleased to share news that has far-reaching benefits for our company, our customers, and our scientific and law enforcement partners. Verogen announced its acquisition of GEDmatch, an online genetic genealogy service that has been central to law enforcement solving over 70 cold cases in the U.S.

What this means for you

On a day-to-day basis it is business as usual. We will continue to provide next generation sequencing instrumentation, software, reagents and consumables to a global customer base for forensic and biometric based human identification. Meanwhile, we will bring significant technical and scientific resources to build a more expansive GEDmatch platform that will exhibit increased security and ease of use. In the coming months, we will engage you in a conversation about the future of genetic genealogy, and how Verogen will enable the operational forensic laboratory to participate in the exciting revolution.

Additional news and updates about this exciting partnership can be found on the GEDmatch facebook page.

The Verogen story continues…

Verogen was spun out from Illumina in August 2017 and is the only company solely focused on providing NGS instrumentation, software, reagents and consumables for forensic and biometric based human identification.

Verogen is building an NGS-based forensic ecosystem that is focused on a single platform multi-application strategy with common workflows between the applications. We are developing a compact but powerful range of applications that work in combination to improve and extend forensic analysis of biological traces that will enhance your ability to obtain an individual’s identification.

Today we offer solutions that utilize genomic and mitochondrial DNA that address the most common challenges for casework and missing persons sample analysis. Soon, we will be rolling out new applications as part of our “single platform multi-application strategy” that will enhance and expand your ability to provide a comprehensive human ID.

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