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February 21, 2022

American Academy of Forensic Sciences 2022 Conference

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February 21 – 25
Seattle, WA

Verogen booth 210

We can’t wait to see you at the 74th Annual American Academy of Forensic Sciences Conference. Join us to see how forensic laboratories are using next-generation sequencing to maximize information from their DNA and advance their cases. Enjoy socially distanced cocktails and appetizers while you learn about upcoming tools to support next-generation sequencing at the NGS User Group Reception on Wednesday, 2/23 from 6 – 8 pm. In addition to future product releases, such as new assays from Verogen, automation, and mixture deconvolution enablement, you'll learn how to fund your research project with the second annual Young Investigator’s Award, worth up to 60K USD sponsored by QIAGEN and Verogen.


Workshop #19: Silent Disasters: Establishing and Operationalizing New Technologies for Missing Persons Programs (Pre-Registration Required)
8:30 am – 12:30 pm (WSCC 613)



B3- Extraction Efficiency Testing of Degraded Bone Samples: Comparing Two Extraction Methods for Use in Downstream Massively Parallel Sequencing (MPS) Applications
Authors: Emily Deem, BS; Katie Zejdlik, PhD; Tiffany Saul, PhD; Frankie West, PhD

NGS User Group Reception with Verogen and QIAGEN
6 – 8 pm (Sheraton Grand Ballroom D)


Speaker Presentations

Community Resources and Updates From the Scientific Working Group for DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM) Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Committee
Speaker: Katherine Gettings, PhD

A Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Sequence Nomenclature Update From the Short Tandem Repeat: Align, Name, Define (STRAND) Working Group
Speaker: Katherine Gettings, PhD; David Ballard, PhD; Martin Bodner, PhD; Jonathan King, MS; Walther Parson, PhD; Christopher Phillips

An Evaluation of the Current Opinion of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology in Forensics Through a Global Survey
Speaker: Megan Foley, MSFS; Fabio Oldoni, PhD



B151- A Comprehensive Evaluation of the ForenSeq™ DNA Signature Prep Kit on the MiSeq® FGx™ Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) System
Authors: Chelsea Jones, BS*; Fabio Oldoni, PhD; Megan Foley, MSFS; Thomas Walsh, MSFS; Justina Nichola, BS

Speaker Presentations

The Detection and Analysis of DNA Mixtures With the MiSeq® FGx™
Speakers: Rachel Houston, PhD*; Timothy Kalafut, PhD; Ryan Gutierrez, PhD

Results From a Probabilistic Genotyping Software for the Continuous Interpretation of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Autosomal Short Tandem Repeat (aSTR) Mixtures
Speakers: Kevin Cheng, MS; Jo-Anne Bright, PhD; James Curran, PhD; John Buckleton, DSc

Internal Validation of the ForenSeq™ Kintelligence Kit for Application to Forensic Genetic Genealogy Cases
Speakers: Michelle Peck, MFS; Stephen Turner, PhD; V. Peter Nagraj, MS; David Russell, MS; Jessica Bouchet, BS;Amy Holmes, PhD; Rachel Houston, PhD; Jennifer Snedeker, BS; Carmen Reedy, PhD; Christina Neal, MS

An Analysis of the Genealogy Process in Investigative Genetic Genealogy
Speakers: Su Erturk, BS; Lawrence Wein, PhD

The Forensic Utility of the ForenSeq™ MainstAY Kit With Challenging Samples
Speakers: Lucio Avellaneda, BS; Ryan Gutierrez, PhD; Rachel Houston, PhD

A Modified ForenSeq™ DNA Signature Prep Kit Protocol for Increased Allele Recovery From Low DNA Quantities
Speakers: Sana Enke, BS; Kimberly Eskey, MS; Tracy Ferguson, MS; Rebecca Just, PhD

The Development of an Enhanced Buffer to Overcome Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Inhibition for DNA Typing by Targeted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
Speakers: Shan-Fu Wu; Keenan Fleming; Richelle Barta; June Snedecor; Samantha Snow; Joana Antunes; Sarah Radecke; Juan Perez; Gothami Padmabandu; Kathryn Stephens