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Forensic Genetic Genealogy with GEDmatch: Learn how the collective power of community, DNA science, and sequencing technology are revolutionizing human identification. Download the application note

From DNA to Identification: An overview of unique capabilities from Verogen that advance DNA analysis beyond generating a profile to providing a human identification. Download the brochure

A Comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing Workflow for Severely Degraded Nuclear DNA Read Note

Representation of Verogen Technology in the Forensic Genomics Literature Download the tech note

Case Studies & Interviews

Case Study: First Criminal Conviction Using NGS | How NGS resolved a difficult case, leading to the first criminal conviction of its kind. Read Study

The Future of Forensic Genomics is Here | King’s College London researchers are finding that the MiSeq FGx™ Forensic Genomics System provides more information-rich data than CE-based forensic DNA testing methods. Read Study

Harnessing NGS to Solve Crimes | Criminalists at the California Department of Justice find that the MiSeq FGx™ Forensic Genomics System is a significant advancement in DNA profiling technology over traditional CE-based methods. Read Study

Recreating a Face Based on DNA | Researchers identify genetic variants that influence facial features to enable facial imaging from DNA. Read Study


Developmental Validation of NGS | Learn about the advantages of targeted NGS and view the data validating the MiSeq FGx System in this Forensic Magazine article. Read Article

Analyzing Unknown Human Remains | Learn about the potential of NGS to solve cold missing persons cases and identify unknown human remains. Read Article

NGS Overcomes Limitations in Forensic Genomics | In forensic work, the smallest detail can make the difference in solving a crime. Read Article

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