The Future of
Forensic DNA
Has Arrived

Now FBI NDIS Approved


MiSeq FGx® Forensic Genomics Solution

Until recently, all forensic DNA testing was based on capillary electrophoresis (CE) – a technology that is over 20 years old. Though innovative for its time, CE has data recovery and resolution limitations, especially for poor quality samples or complex mixtures. This can lead to inconclusive results, unnecessary re-testing, and cases that go unresolved for months or even years.

A Powerful, Fully Validated Solution

The MiSeq FGx® Forensic Genomics Solution is the first fully validated, FBI NDIS approved next generation sequencing system for genomic DNA analysis of forensic samples. It uses the same gold standard Illumina technology that has generated over 90% of the world’s DNA sequencing data.

This system can recover up to 10 times more data than CE in a single test, which can dramatically reduce inconclusive results and enable more cases to be solved.


For Forensic Laboratories

  • Increased data recovery and mixture resolution
  • More probative results from a single test
  • “Cleaner” data—no more electrophoretic or dye-related artifacts

For Law Enforcement

  • More informative results from mixtures, touch DNA and degraded samples
  • More profiles meeting database load criteria
  • New investigative leads for no-suspect cases

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